Relationships And Sex

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When you have a group of people relationships of all kinds emerge, because that is in our human nature. If the group is formed out of only gay men, with a shared interest in working in nature, focussed on building a healthy ecosystem to sustain the needs of the community, there are a lot of shared interests. This only makes connections between people stronger and more likely. So you can be sure special bonds will develop.

At EcoGay we consider these friendships and intimate relationships as private matters. What two (or more) consenting adults do together is their own business. Even better: we hope that being in the EcoGay community creates a lot of meaningful connections between its residents and/or visitors. But as always in life, there are no guarantees to find love either. A lot depends on you yourself and how you interact with people.

There is a bit of a paradox in bringing gay men together in a community when you consider it from a relationship point of view. On the one hand it’s easier to find a partner with shared interests, on the other hand it can be like a constant temptation too… So how do we keep things from getting out of control? Can we keep the heartbreak of failed relationships away from EcoGay?

The short answer is: no, we cannot prevent relationships from failing. The longer answer includes: but we can create circumstances that make it less likely and provide support in case it does go wrong. This is one of the reasons for our main rule “Be Nice”.

When we invite someone to be an EcoGay resident we do that after we had some time to see who someone is. Men with big egos, people who manipulate or are dishonest will not be invited. We are dead serious about creating a supportive community with gay men who are friendly, honest, respectful, caring and helpful. Without a main focus on these qualities in people, communities struggle and fall apart.

We ask people to be clear about their intentions. When you just want some fun, with no strings attached, the other needs to know that. If you don’t want to have a one night adventure you need to let him know too. If you’re in a relationship that does not function as you like, you need to talk about it with your partner in an honest way. When you feel lost and don’t know what to do, you need friends or a mentor you can talk to. These are the things that are important in the EcoGay community.

We offer visitors the same situation. We will react to anyone who is not “being nice” and by offering that form of security we hope to attract all the right people to visit and stay at EcoGay.

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4 Responses

  1. Steve Applebaugh

    Rene, I really enjoyed perusing your EcoGay website. I am looking for an intentional living community – of and for gay men. Luckily, I landed in the right place to catch your site today. I am beyond grateful. I can wholly embrace this: “creating a supportive community with gay men who are friendly, honest, respectful, caring and helpful.” I hope everything is going great for you and those men who love life as you do….. Stev

    1. Rene

      Thanks Steve! Great to read your comment! We started putting our ideas out only a few months ago and we’ve had a few dozen responses already. This place we’re building resonates with quite a few people. I’m sure a few years down the road this will be a nice community as well as a good place to visit for holidays or study.

      1. Steve Applebaugh

        Rene, No doubt about it! Then again, I suspect that many guys are ready to visit, if not “join,” the Farm right now. Count me in as one of the men ready to make such a move!

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