Available Land

At EcoGay and Surroundings

The EcoGay farm has 10 hectares of land. About half of it is on steep slopes and we consider those parts as nature reserve. This nature reserve is at the same time a nice buffer between us and our neighbors. It is the area on the map without any background colour or number. The pink dotted line is the property border.

From the top of the mountain it looks like this:

We currently develop area number 1. This area is about 2.4 hectares in size. It is now partially terraced and we’re working on healing the soils so we can produce more food. We’re building the house at D at this moment. For pictures of the building process see here… Also please read: Sponsor a bedroom, get a holiday. Some extra cabins could also be constructed in this area.

Area 2, size of 1.4 hectares (14.000 m2) is the main touristic area. It has the most difficult circumstances to grow food, but it is perfect for tourists. The view is fantastic, and on hotter days this place always has a nice strong breeze. We plan to turn the current house into a bar/restaurant/little shop, and build between 2 and 6 cabins that can be rented out to tourists spread over this area. Some of the terrain could also be flattened to create a camping spot. The slope on the north east side is steep, but can have nice walkways going down to the road and/or have routes for exercise.

Tourists renting the cabins in this area do not have to be gay by definition. This area is meant to bring in money for the project as a whole, so any business approach that works can be considered. We are looking for investors in this area either to invest in one or more cabin(s) to rent out or to take on this part of the project as a whole. Yes, we can be your project managers if you like.

Area 3, 7000 m2 in size, is available for who wants to do his own thing inside the EcoGay project. It has space for a house and a garden. The remaining space is pretty sloped, but is still suitable for animals like chickens or pigs. It might be too small for goats unless additional space is made available.

Area 4, 3000 m2 in size, is also available for someone who would like to be part of EcoGay, but with his own housing and activities. Also big enough for a good garden and some extended production. This area is semi flat and very usable. During rain events a considerable amount of road runoff flows through this field, which you can capture in dams or in the soil.

Area 5 has 1500 m2 and can have a house plus garden. It’s slightly further away from the central area.

We primarily look to lease out areas 3, 4 and 5, or if so desired create a land owners association that you can buy into. A lease contract will be for the land only. Any building you put there will be your property and can be sold. Because the farm remains one property in the case of a lease, common rules and bylaws will apply. If you’re not interested in leasing, but would like to own the land, we can look at that too. This will require an owner association to be created. For who rather wants sole title to the land he wants to invest in, you could check out neighboring properties. We can also assist in searching for the right property for you.

Area 2 is a special case. We hope to attract several investors for this part of the project. In case there is one big investor to take this on, we are willing to look at any idea or option as long as it fits with the EcoGay project.

Around the EcoGay farm several other properties are for sale or could be if they get an offer they cannot refuse. Most neighbors are older people and traditional farming cannot really compete with modern industrial farming anymore, so most of them will sell if they get the chance.

If you would buy another farm not too far away, we can help with a permaculture design (with or without implementation). We would welcome any and all business cooperation with anyone around us. If more projects aimed at gay men would be around that would help all of us through synergy effects.

Ready to build your house in paradise? You can contact us here for an inquiry.


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Available Land

The EcoGay farm has 10 hectares of land. About half of it is on steep slopes and we consider those parts as nature reserve. This nature reserve is at the same time a nice buffer between us and our neighbors....
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